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Vince Peterson Scholarship

Vincent Peterson Scholarship for the Masters in Counseling & Human Services Program at IUSB


  • Be enrolled in the Counseling and Human Services as a degree candidate
  • Be a member of a class of students underrepresented in the field of Counseling and Human Services; defined as Black, Hispanic, and/or male
  • Provide a personal statement of purpose and commitment to the program and explain why receipt of this scholarship will assist you in attaining your career goals.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) and the IUSB Financial Aid Application.
  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA and satisfactory progress toward completing the MS Degree in Counseling and Human Services. Enroll in at least one three-credit course each semester during which the scholarship is received.


  • Scholarship amount to be disbursed each year (spring, summer and fall semesters) is based on enrollment, at $375 per three credit class. For example: $750 for six credits, summer, $750 for six credits, fall, $750 for six credits, spring (years 1 and 2; total $2,250 per year); $750 for six credits, summer, $375 for 3 credits, fall, $375 for 3 credits, spring (year 3; total $1,500)
  • The award term will commence in the summer semester and end the following spring semester.
  • The award cannot exceed the cost of tuition and mandatory fees for any session during which the scholarship is received.
  • The scholarship is renewable upon application each March 1 if the above criteria are met, for a total of three years or $6,000.


  • One new award is given each year.


  • March 1